Keyword shmeword [writer, writer, writer]

Webinar after webinar commands me to create “relative content” around keywords in order to optimize my search engine results and thereby, bring more traffic and potential need a writer leads to my site. I say (expletive) that. I’m a straight-shooting kind of gal. Plus, I write snazzy content for a living so I am exempt from these rules. Which means I get to just ignore the stealth approach here…I am a writer. I write things. If you need a writer in New York City, I don’t even need to finish that sentence because it hit my keywords. I hope Google bots and robots and all bots scour my content and deem me a writer. An author of short stories and books. Books that need literary agents. Literary agents who act as liaison-like ninjas and one day will send me more than a form letter. I am a writer. I write. Write. Write. Write. I was a journalist. I won an award. Freelance projects are adjective. I am a writer which means I could use more writing, excuse me, money. My favorite color is (writer) yellow. Like the Yellow Pages. A book. I write books. I also write ad copy. Kind of like Mad Men. I smoke as much as those ad writers too who write ads. Like Lucky Strike. Which is a bowling alley write across (whoops, spelling, right across) the street from my job in New York, New York. I said it twice on purpose. I wrote a screenplay too so blah blah blah Hollywood agent blah. If you need a writer in New York, please click on my “Quotes for Quotes” link. #writer

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