Two Year Anniversary

Habit Taffy 

This weekend marks the 2-year anniversary of completing my book, Artasium. This thing has been on the front burner, the back burner and if there were middle burners, it’d have been there too. It’s been tabled, chaired, dusted off, re-edited, raved over, thrown out, put on a pedestal and in a garbage can (in the same week), held for publishing, removed for pending deals and ultimately… It’s still not in print. So the story goes with your “first.” I decided to put it out on display for the rest of the summer for anyone who wants a summer read and can offer some feedback. If you have a kid in 5th (ish) grade or reading at that level – even better. Or if you just like fantasy novels, or me as a person or writer, or need something on the subway or toilet… Please if you do read it, even if you don’t finish, let me know your thoughts. Especially where I lost you a.k.a. what page you put it down.

artasium PDF

(Formerly Piper Scotch and the Peculiar Tale of Artasium)

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