A Book

After nine years of writing, editing, hiring, firing, planning, plotting, crumpling, deleting, and perfecting – my very first book turned screenplay (pre-Mascara) is in print. These are SPECIAL EDITION copies, completely one-of-a-kind from the author and signed by the author. Me!

This is truly a passion project and dream brought to life. I wrote this as a book working at a Scotch and cigar bar in NYC and over the years I saw a different vision for it, one that I hope will see the big screen very soon. I was lucky to score a silent partner to finance this vision and luckier still to find a brilliant artist out of Georgia that I commissioned a piece for the cover from, Justin McCafferty.

The first batch of copies arrived and they are flawless. I’ve decided to sell through here ONLY as opposed to using third parties which I did with the Mascara series.  Who knows, they may be worth something someday and if not, they make a lovely coffee table piece!

Artasium is a fantasy adventure story about losing your imagination. It is in the family of movies like The Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Neverending Story. If you loved those tales, this is a script for you.