hi. i’m amanda.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I’ve even gotten slightly better at it since. I wrote an entire series by third grade – Sweet Valley Twins and Babysitter’s Club inspired — apt for the early 90s. I got the biggest middle finger pencil bump from doing so. I still have a slightly misaligned finger as a residual effect of this. I’m surprised there was never a class action suit against Mead (#2).
I have whipped up ad copy in NYC, ghost written for (well, I can’t tell you), branded the hell out of celebrities in Hollywood, created the voice of many companies nationwide and reported up to my knees in debris during Hurricane Sandy. I can write whatever you need from pithy to proper, from cheeky to corporate. I also write books and screenplays.
I have two TV pilots, four books (including teen book series Mascara and soon to be released All the Little Pink Flags), countless short stories, two feature films and one novella penned, thus far. And a partridge in a pear tree.
Not to mention notebooks full of song lyrics. Nashville starter pack. 😉

In addition to (brand, copy, content, screen and song) writing, I do public relations. I learned the art of PR at 22 and have been blessed to work with some of the greatest musicians alive since then. Campaigns are taken on from conceptualization through media outreach to launch. Having been a journalist, a marketer and a publicist – my approach is a very unique, 360-degree one.
When it comes to PR, I’m Olivia Pope having a word baby but I don’t know if the father is Don Draper or Hank Moody. It’s Edward Bernays-era public suasion, Madison Avenue ad copy, and questionably rogue writing that’s born at 2 am of whiskey and “should I’s?”
People can’t write about their brands. Not because they don’t know their brands, but because they do. If asked to write about your spouse, Mom or mailman you’d have more to say than if asked to write about yourself. True story.
Your brain is overloaded with info and diluting it is impossible. That’s why folks don’t write their own resumes or dating profiles. At least not well.
Let’s put it this way.
If nose to nose with the Empire State Building you were asked to write about what you saw, you’d have nothing to say but “concrete.” If a few feet away, you’d say, “building.” Half a block away, you might say “skyscraper.” But when you’re finally a mile out you’ll tell me all about the Empire State Building.
Enter me. I am fluent in brand.
I’m all about performance marketing that converts, clever plays on words, web copy that baits, split-tested subject lines on emails that open, content strategy that does the discovery, social that trends for virality and follower growth, and PR narratives spun of nothing in particular into media gold.
And oxford commas.
You’re welcome.

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