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  • All The Little Pink Flags (Non Fiction Book)
  • American Roulette (Feature Film)
  • Dom (Fiction Book)
  • Escape From Love Rehab (Fiction Book)
  • Bernays (Pilot)
  • Mask of Jareth
  • Title Withheld (Children’s Book)
  • We Are All Terminally Ill: The Pink Elephant in the Room (Self Improvement Book)
  • Wound (Crime Thriller)
  • Fail Safe (Pilot)
  • The Nineties (TV Pilot)
  • By / Proxy (Feature Film)
  • The Normals (Pilot)
  • The Shortening (Pilot)
  • Psyatica (Feature Film)
  • Five Under (Pilot)
  • Mascara 3

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