My professional trajectory has been anything but average.

I have been in entertainment and media for over 15 years in some fashion. It all started when I was approached by a modeling|acting agent at age 10.

My parents said there was no chance in Hell.

By 17, I enrolled in a University that was 12 miles from midtown Manhattan. Due to the close proximity to NYC, I was able to pursue acting and modeling as a side job throughout college to make ends meet working with the likes of Fabio Clothing, Sam’s Club, Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdale’s, Nassau County Tourism and more. I’ve also played featured background roles through the years in shows like “Entourage” as well as “Punk’d” and “Person of Interest.”

In the Summer of ’04 I received my Bachelor’s and headed West – in search of proverbial gold.

My innate ear for music and long-time passion for writing led me to a music public relations job that forever shaped my career path.
My ultimate goal was to write novels, have them adapted, and eventually partake in the soundtrack negotiations and on-screen filming. I was greatly inspired by Zach Braff’s ability to do just that on “Garden State.” Ironically, my birthplace.

I completed my first screenplay in ’04, and competed in the LA rat race of script-pitching.

The idea caught the attention of several major studios, however it never came to fruition. Though I did not stick to pursuing music supervision for film – nor plateau at Braff’s level of many-hatted projects  – I did exceed expectations as a music publicist. I was even recognized in popular trade magazine Music Connection (2006). My music career afforded me the opportunity to work with Grammy-winning producers and Multi-Platinum awarded artists.

I moved back east in the winter of ’08 (after Napster hijacked the music industry) and went independent as a writer.

I soon began to contribute to many online publications — writing everything from album reviews to product copy. Living in Hells Kitchen at the time, I supplemented meager per article “incomes” with bottle service gigs at some of the hottest spots in NYC.
In ’11, I flew back out to LA for 6 months and launched a satirical blog out of Hollywood, called Hollywouldnt, that has since been adapted into a comedy pilot being considered for network television. I also contributed weekly to a website called 
After returning to the east coast, I worked as a newspaper journalist in the densely populated Hudson County (Hoboken) while exploring publishing options for finished fiction. This job garnered me three prestigious awards in 2013 and four in 2014.
July 2012 marked the birth of my first novel, Artasium, in which I am still in pursuit of a middle grade fiction literary agent for. It is a science fiction | fantasy novella about losing your imagination.
In 2013, I founded Red Herring Media LLC, an independent writing house for my freelance work. I also launched a blog called in ’13 and spent a year and a half working in-house as the content strategist for New York Cruise Lines, Inc. (parent company to Circle Line, World Yacht, Beast Speedboat, Metro Sightseeing and North River Lobster Company) as well as served as the Communications Director on a Mayoral campaign for the November 2013 general election. 
Last year, I was brought on board a strategic media relations/crisis management campaign (think Olivia Pope) for a landmark issue that settled in October. I also served in ’14 as the Director of Communications for the fundraiser Runaway Bridesmaids to help fight human sex trafficking. Additionally, I contributed to 07030 Magazine, HMag Magazine and I wrapped my second novel, Mascara, in February and its sequel Mascara: Book 2 in October which are now available through most major retailers.